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On receiving approval to start the design I will arrange for a site survey. For small gardens we can carry out the site survey ourselves. For larger gardens  and estates we recommend using a professional Surveying company. This provides us with a ground plan of the garden from which we will then work from. During the site survey we will accurately measure your garden, analyse level changes,take a detailed note of existing plants, soil conditions  and garden aspect. We will also take photographs and make sketches to assist with the design.  



Once the Site Survey is complete and the information gathered onto a base plan we will then analyse your wish list and site conditions to create a Draft Plan.  The Draft plan will show an outline overview of the intended design. As well as a Draft Plan we create mood boards and provide sketches to help you visual the final garden, together with outline ideas for planting schemes. We can also provide 3D CAD visualisations and walk throughs. At this point we would arrange a visit to discuss the plan, ensure it is developing in the right direction and make any necessary changes before the Master Plan is produced.

Site Analysis and Draft Plan


The Master Plan is a final detailed plan of the design for your garden. It show exact locations of areas, surfaces, planting areas and structures, colour rendered and labelled with detailed descriptions for clear understanding.

Master Plan


The Landscape Construction Plan is provided to show full construction detail for contractors to work from. With this a work schedule is produced - you can send both of these to the Landscape contractors of your choice for them to base their quotes on. We can provide these as a paper copy or various CAD formats recognised by architect and the building / landscape industry.

Landscape Construction Plan


The Planting Plan shows plant details, specific plant by plant locations and groupings for every area within the design. With this we create a Plant Schedule showing plant names, quantities, recommended sizes and cost. We also produce a Maintenance Guide for your garden both Month by Month and by individual plant so you know how to manage the garden plants after the garden is finished.

Planting Plan and Maintenance Guide

Kate Paterson - Garden Designer Cheshire. Creating beautiful gardens, large or small, for you to enjoy.

Our range of services tailored to your needs.


Depending on what you require the actual process will differ accordingly. Some clients just need help with a border revamp in which case I would tailor the process accordingly. Other clients may be on a tight budget and may wish for me to spend a morning or a day offering advice. The majority of people however employ me for a complete design which involves several stages. These stage are as follows:




The initial consultation involves discussing your wish list for your garden. It is the basis for the design, so the more information I can gather the better. Some clients find it difficult to pinpoint what they want from their garden. I will bring a range of source books and photos so that I can get a real sense of your likes and dislikes. I will also be looking at your home just so I can ensure the garden I design works well with and compliments your house interior and exterior and the surrounding landscape. After the consultation I would send full garden brief together with a quote for the design, specifying the cost stage by stage.


Site Survey

Lighting and Irrigation Plans


Should you wish we can offer full garden lighting and irrigation plans and specifications.

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