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By katepaterson, May 31 2014 02:56PM

Several years ago it seemed that clients were happy to use a portable bbq to bring out of the garage in the summer months - but recently in the last two years I have found more and more of my clients requesting a purpose built area including built in bbqs, pizza ovens and grills. Three of our projects at the moment include some form of built in outdoor cooking facility. I think Jamie Oliver has helped to generate interests in Pizza ovens with his TV series but in addition to this I am being asked for Santa Maria bbqs popular in the United States.

One particular project I am working on at the moment is very interesting. The clients have a beautiful historic house which is bordered on one side with the most amazing natural sandstone rockface. There is an area to the back which is eight foot higher than the rest of the garden. At the moment the area is pretty useless and we have suggested creating a outdoor entertaining space here as it is close the the house and looks out across the garden. At first we suggested digging down a few feet and building a free standing pizza oven to the back of the circular area. It was to have an oak framed structure over the top. Here is a very rough sketch of the idea we had.

With further discussions the design then developed a little more. The client was concerned that they may overlook the neighbouring property so we decided to lower the area to increase the privacy. They also decided against the oak framed structure. At this stage the Pizza Oven was going to be built into the retaining wall structure inspired from a picture of an old Greek oven I had seen.

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